In our venture lab, we ideate, and create amazing business models that deliver real value to users at scale, where change is a constant and everything is waiting to be disrupted. We validate every major iteration on the market, whether it is business or product oriented, so that forward movement is always in the right direction.

We help the entrepreneurs finding the right business models, improve their investment readiness, implement proper growth tactics, get funded by catalyst investors and scale globally.

Lab Services

  • Launch & Growth
  • Business Development
  • Product Management
  • New Market Entry
  • Capital Raise Support
  • Pitch Deck Drafting and Edits
  • Investor Outreach
  • Term Sheet Negotiations

  • Accounting
  • Unit Economics
  • Market Sizing
  • Financial Projections
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Metric-Based Management
  • Startup Administration
  • Hiring

  • Global Trends
  • Market Assessment
  • Market Research
  • Customer Surveys


In our venture studio, we repeatedly build and grow several startups in parallel, based on a lean process combined with design thinking and agile development techniques with cross-disciplinary project teams and shared resources. Our agile approach allows us to add to the build, while bringing our client with us each step of the way.

Studio Services

Prototyping, MVP and technology planning, agile development, branding, UI/UX, design thinking, user journey creation, bug fixing, testing, maintenance
Implementations: Machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithms, data analytics, data science, blockchain & IoT solutions

Cofoundry Club

We are a team of startup veterans who take multiple ideas from scratch or start-ups in their infancy and turn them into promising independent companies.

In most cases, the ideas for startups are generated internally where we engineer the teams and in others, we partner with selected seasoned entrepreneurs or corporates and act as their multifunctional cofounders.

The target is to scale up the startups and convert them into fully operational global entities.


Ventourage® Diversity is a venture building programme managed by Technolera. Its tailor-made curriculum is dedicated to building teams with turbo-charged diversity. It explores hidden high potential under-represented entrepreneurs such as female and young entrepreneurs. The programme is designed for potential entrepreneurs who want to create an impact that aims financial growth and sustainability.

The qualified EIRs will work with Technolera Labs in close collaboration with corporates in order to develop, launch, scale, and be a stakeholder in next-gen unicorns. They will receive academic courses and Technolera Labs services for free. They will also have access to multistage corporate venture capital up to €600,000. Upon graduation, the successful startups will experience global startup culture in Luxembourg, Dubai, and Chicago.


Organisational Development

  • The natural cycle of most organisations is from innovation and opportunism, via growth, to protection, atrophy, crisis and, ultimately, either extinction or transformation.
  • The measure of a truly competitive organisation is the extent to which it can break this cycle; the extent to which, regardless of size, it remains entrepreneurial.
  • META-Culture is a 45 item measure of the key characteristics of the entrepreneurial organisation

Corp-Up As A Service

Holding enterprises allocate enormous budgets to stay in the game. Billions of dollars flow into start-ups every year and only a relatively small percentage of those businesses go on to success. Excubator functions as an external venture builder for the corporation. The excubator is run by venture builder specialists to fill the given gap. The excubator model will target to solve the possible difficulties that the corporation have in launching its own initiatives: doing so in a separate organization means the concept can be proven without the danger of it being killed by the corporation’s processes before it can be shown to be viable.

Entrepreneurial skills are necessary to succeed: assessing the best solution for the client’s challenge, building the right team, structuring the right business model, proving the concept and ensuring it is viable.

From the corporation’s point of view, it is crucial to work closely with the venture builder, to have integration capabilities to benefiting from the new business line as soon as possible.

Talent Management

  • Designed and validated by internationally renowned academic psychologists, META’s Disruptive Talent is a psychometric measure designed to help businesses identify, understand and retain people with the ability to drive business innovation
  • Recruit and select people with the potential to generate, execute and lead business innovation
  • Identify the hidden disruptive talent in your organisation and provide a framework for its development
  • Build high-performing teams, ensuring the best possible combination of people in order to maximise creative thinking, innovation and growth

Eco-System Creation

Entrepreneurial activity is vital to economic growth and employment in developing countries Emerging countries should explore ways to increase and maintain productivity and economic growth, through innovation and learning (product innovation, process innovation, marketing innovation, and organizational innovation) These innovations can be new to the firm, new to the market, or new to the world. The advantage of using such a broad concept of innovation is that it includes all activities involved in the process of technological change. These range from identifying problems and generating new ideas and solutions, to implementing new solutions and diffusing new technologies.