Technolera is a venture building company focusing on the process of consistent start-up creation by using shared expertise and resources.

In most cases, the ideas for startups are generated internally and in others, we partner with selected seasoned entrepreneurs or corporates and act as their multi-functional co-founder. The target is to scale up the startups as independent and fully-operational global entities.

Technolera operates through its offices in London and Istanbul; also have strategic partners in Chicago, Berlin, Luxembourg, Tel Aviv and Dubai as international landing pads.

Technolera has a strong and experienced team with a diverse skill set of people and backed by an International Advisory Board.

We are more than a venture building company

We use our own expertise and vast network of resources to create business plans, develop the products, launch them on the market, and grow them in a systematic manner


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For entrepreneurs, each of our programs brings a unique opportunity to work with business leaders and build their own businesses. Not only will they get access to finance and other innovators in their respective industries, the education they get as part of these programs will help them throughout their lives.


Venture builders are not just limited to software houses or built solely by developers, they involve a whole host of other integrative processes, including but not limited to design, customer development, business development, market research, branding, mobile marketing, hiring and sales The venture builders ability to deliver whole products through the inclusion of several perspectives, enables investors to feel a connection with the entire company.



Corporations have difficulty integrating new business models into their business logic. Technolera offers a collaboration framework that acts as a bridge between innovative and disruptive startups and established corporations.


Collaboration is the new imperative. It may be the only way to accelerate innovation, improve agility, increase adaptability and cut costs all at once. The average return on collaboration is four times the initial investment.



Emerging countries should explore ways to increase and maintain productivity and economic growth, through innovation and learning (product innovation, process innovation, marketing innovation, and organizational innovation) These innovations can be new to the firm, new to the market, or new to the world. The advantage of using such a broad concept of innovation is that it includes all activities involved in the process of technological change. These range from identifying problems and generating new ideas and solutions, to implementing new solutions and diffusing new technologies.


The talent program matches skilled talents with startups and skilled innovators, in order to collectively tackle a critical problem and make a meaningful impact.