Technolera’s Robo-Advisory Initiative at Istanbul Talks Fintech

Fintech was the latest subject of Istanbul Talks, the series of conferences that organized meetings on different topics. Turkey’s and the world’s leading financiers talked about the future of financial technologies. In the conference that Doğan TV Holding was the media sponsor, investors and entreprenuers were together.

“Our goal is to organize positive conferences where all kinds of opportunities are spoken for those who want to grow entrepreneurial investor business,” said Tülin Sipahiler, founder partner of Istanbul Talks. “Nowadays Fintech is one of the most fashionable subjects in the business life. Banks also started to show interest in this area as well” she added.

Emin Çapa, the news programmer who emphasizes the importance of technology in banking as the moderator of the fintech conference, declared, “Before no one could think that we can do everything through our mobile phones but now thanks to technology everything is possible.”

Hakan Elmas, Co-founder of, a subsidiary of Technolera, explained the new system that he built. “The people who make the investment advice actually make the models. People also follow the markets themselves. However, when the model is nourished by the investors they get advice from the robots becouse it is not easy to serve 7 million people from call centers so it is very important to use digital technology.We have brought together this digital technology and financial engineering technologies under “” Now we are in incubation of a private bank. we will begin to offer these services on mutual funds and private pensions once we have completed the incubation phase. ” said Elmas.

Kaynak: Investor and entrepreneur met, talked to the technology – CNNTurk