Technolera Becomes Finalist with Two Projects at TEB Fintech Future Four

The Fintech Future Four Program, initiated by the Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), which supports start-ups with many innovative programs ranging from Venture Banking to Angel Investment Platform, has concluded. The winners of the program, which made the final presentation in front of the jury of the remaining 8 projects in the finals, were Technolera initiatives and Soolx.

The winners of the TEB Fintech Future Four Program, which was launched specifically by the Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) to start ups with ideas and projects on finance technology, aimed at introducing technologies that will change the world of banking and finance from Turkey. In the final presentation where the last 8 projects were entitled to participate,, a Technolera initiative in the Roboadvisory category and Soolx, another Technolera initiative in the Customer / Customer Diagnosis category, qualified for entry.

TEB received 43 applications from Fintech Future Four Program, which was launched on September 20th through TEB Private Angel Investment Platform. 16 teams through 25 were selected after first qualification round which was held in Bomonti Ada. The selected teams performed detailed interviews with the program’s mentor partner, Symrna Capital, for 3 weeks with mentoring.

During the presentations, the evaluation committee, consisting of the bank senior management and independent jury members, made interactive interviews with the entrepreneurs about their compliance with the Turkish financial system, the advantages that could be gained by the competition and how Fintech ideas could be moved to global platforms. 11 judges judged separately for the winners of the 4th Fintech project 2017 TEB Fintech Future Four.

Source: TEB Fintech Future Four’un Kazananları Belli Oldu – Girişim Haber