One-line Pitch: Customizable mobile app builder for events management, marketing and sponsorships

Founded: 2014
Investment Category: External Ventourage
● Mobile App – Easy Customized White labeled Event App Building

Business Summary

SmartEventApp is a iOS and Android based mobile application, with which event organizers can design their custom apps for their real life marketing events, concerts etc. and publish it on mobile stores easily & quickly.

● Event organizer can share all info, program, documents, maps and inform the attendees aboutthe updates, starting sessions with notifications

● SmartEventApp, enables the organizer to increase interaction, gamify, enrich the event experience andcollect valuable data with surveys, QR codes, games, check-ins and navigations.

● Event attendees can discover other people attending, network via LinkedIn, email and can have digital contact exchanges

● Attendees can share photos, videos, comments about the event and connect over social media via SmartEventApp.

● On SmartEventApp, organizer can also list sponsors, post sponsor banners, increase the visibility of sponsors and increase revenue.

● Custom app, designed with SmartEventApp, goeslive in 3 weeks at both Google Play and Appstore

● Organizer creates custom graphic design for the event app, does content entry, publish in mobile appstores and event attendees install the appon their phones before the event.