One-line Pitch: We optimize order amounts and order timing with use of ToC (Theory of Constraints) principles

Founded: 2014
Team Score: 73
Investment Category: Internal Ideation Incubation
● Analytics – Supply Chain Simulation and Forecasting

Business Summary

SCAI.TECH analyzes full transactional data of your existing and historical stock, supply and sales data, with machine learning it learns your behaviors, with help of Theory of constraint applications ensures decisions most fit your situation and optimizes the right point to order. The frequently raised pain points that SCAI.TECH promises a solution are;

● Do you have excess inventory in some of the SKU’s you produce or sell?

● Do you have insufficient inventory for some of the SKU’s and your production is disrupted or your clients are undersupplied?

● Do you have both a stake in a significant amount of inventory and a bank credit to pay at the same time?

● Does it feels like almost impossible to increase sales while reducing inventories?