One-line Pitch: ‘Your Salesforce Autopilot’Sync sales activity with Salesforce seamlessly. Keep track and manage team sales performance at all times…

Founded: 2013
Website: ondigo.me
Investment Category: Go to Market Clients
● Data Analytics – CRM Automation

Business Summary

ONDiGO is an AI sales-operations platform that boosts the bottom-line performance of sales/accounts teams. ONDiGO is leveraging quantitative indicators such as: trends, sentiment and engagement velocity to increase win-rate, shorten sales-cycles and capture repeatable-success-patterns.

ONDiGO has numerous solutions for different parts of sales team;

● ONDiGO updates your CRM with relevant data from your email and calendar, automatically relating emails and meetings to any of your CRM records so you can track engagement history without wasting time updating.

● ONDiGO automatically creates new CRM contacts & leads based on your email & calendar activity, keeping your CRM up-to-date.

● ONDiGO also have a mobile app called «ONDiGO Call-Logger», which captures relevant calls & text messages conducted on mobile devices, and automatically logs interactions to CRM.

● ONDiGO’s Slack bot allows reps to do “Salesforce work” straight from Slack. Add leads & contacts to Salesforce, get briefed about people they meet minutes before meeting them, and pull BI reports right from Slack.

● For sales-operation, ONDiGO’s AI & machine learning algorithms capture “repeatable success patterns” in teams’performance. A metric-driven approach towards launching new sales/accounts strategies.

● ONDiGO notifies whenever prospects or customers show intent-to-buy, consider termination, or ready to sign a contract, and also see which competitors get mentioned the most on your team’s email communication, and who you are being compared to.

● ONDiGO sends real-time alerts about the team’s opportunities at-risk, and get them back on track.