One-line Pitch: Tailor-made Psychometrics for fintech, insuretech, consumer analytics

Founded: 2016
Team Score: 92
Investment Category: Internal Ideation
● Analytics – Customer, Risk and Talent Analytics
● Consulting – Talent Management
● Fintech – Credit and Tenant Scoring

Business Summary

● META Turkey is the research arm for META Profiling in UK, we develop tailor-made picture-based psychometrics tests, games, analytics models for developing new approaches in fintech, insuretech, consumer analytics

● Who are your game changers? (Talent Mngmt.)

● META’s Disruptive Talent is a psychometric measure designed to help businesses identify, understand and retain people with the ability to drive business innovation

● How entrepreneurial is your organisation? (Organizational Dev)

● We have META-Culture, a 45 item measure of the key characteristics of the entrepreneurial organisation.

● We identify the drivers and blockers of Entrepreneurial behaviors in your organisation, understand the strengths and weaknesses of key teams (including leadership teams)

● We create internal benchmarks which drive best practice