One-line Pitch: Create, launch and manage your own native iOS/Android applications in few easy steps

Founded: 2015
Team Score: 72
Investment Category: External Ventourage
● Mobile application platform for your e-commerce

Business Summary

Mobile application platform for your e-commerce.

A platform that lets you create, launch and manage your own native iOS/Android applications and mobile site in few easy steps.

Budget friendly solutions for your business with monthly subscription without any high development and maintenance costs. Cloud-based monthly/yearly subscription SaaS model.

Online retail sales in 2016 have beaten expectations with a 16% jump from 2015, That high growth was chiefly driven by a sharp rise in retail sales made on smartphones.

This increase in mobile sales indicates that mobile is fast becoming the No. 1 online sales channel for retailers, One of the key contributing factors to the growth in sales from smartphones has been the introduction of smartphones with bigger screens.

Millennials and younger consumers are becoming larger parts of the key spending demographic. As a result, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming consumers’ primary computing device.

Research shows that mobile users are spending 86% of their mobile time on mobile apps. Not only are they using apps to access daily information, but their engagement with brands is likewise migrating to apps, with 68% of mobile users engaging with brands via apps. Due to Increased engagement and interaction, Mobile Apps Are Better Than Mobile Websites