One-line Pitch:  Soccer Analytics, actionable injury predictions for today

Founded: 2015
Investment Category: Go to Market Client
● Data Analytics – Injury Prediction through Sports Action Data & tracking data & health Data

Business Summary is an machine learning platform for predicting injuries in football (soccer) teams. Mission is to prevent injuries before they happen, maximize performance and longevity of athletes and teams. platform analyzes every available data for each player and creates a personalized profiles to predict Propensity to get injured.

Each model is based on physiology, workload, collisions, injury history so the artificial intelligence platform can identify players at risk and provide actionable insights for coaches and medical staff right on time.

Data is collected thru GPS, UWB, Bluetooth based methods or ChyronHego’s TRACAB tracking system as well as on-the-ball metrics.

Injury risk models and reports are displayed for each player and for the team. predicts and prevent imminent injuries in near real-time, while traditional tools try predicting seasonal injuries… predicts over 70% injuries with 95% accuracy. is currently live with 5 football clubs including;

Maccabi Tel Aviv and Happoel is an Analytics as a Platform service. Works with any GPS tracking tool. Ingests any data sources such as additional sleep metrics, fitness reports etc. and easy to use on any device with email alerts, desktop and mobile.