One-line Pitch: Capture and tailor fashion imagery and video to every one of those needs.

Founded: 2017
Website: ezyshoots.com
Investment Category: External Ventourage
● E-commerce Photo Shooting Tech

Business Summary

Fashion photographers now have a very real reason to claim that robots are taking their jobs. A company called StyleShoots has designed a fully-robotic fashion photography studio that can set up its own lighting and capture its own pictures and video while poor unemployed photographers stand by and watch.

StyleShoots’ robotic studio, dubbed Live, is very real. They’re calling it the world’s first “smart studio”—a “complete photo studio for model photography built into one machine.”

Live consists of a depth sensor, a few High-CRI LED panels, and a Canon 1DX Mark II, all controlled by a stylist from the comfort of their own iPad Pro. Just input some simple instructions, ask your model to pose in the little “room” at one end of the contraption, and Live will basically do the rest.

It can automatically create the plethora of “custom content” required by fashion brands these days. That stylish photo of their new jacket has to appear not just in an online store, but on their website, on Instagram, through Snapchat, in magazine ads, and elsewhere. Live can, all at once and without much in way of human interaction, capture and tailor fashion imagery and video to every one of those needs.

EZYShoots have purchased an initial horizantal Styleshoots in order to test the product market fit. The machine is operational at the moment in our Istanbul Muvidu Studio. We plan to lease multiple styleshootswith 2-year agreements expand in Europe through franchise/partnership models. This is a machine targeted at big brands with big budgets and big catalog requirements