One-line Pitch: We provide diverse insights and foresights with clever uses of alternative data sources.

Founded: 2016
Team Score: 86
Investment Category: Internal Ideation
● Analytics – Self Service
● Consulting – Management consulting
● Consulting – Data Driven Digital Transformation

Business Summary

Altdata is an analytics focused management consultancy firm. Our expertise lies in data fusion, machine learning and optimization modelling. Some of the business areas we are experienced are;

● Marketing and Sales Analytics; Scoring leads, recognizing customer journey patterns, Salesforce performance prediction

● Risk Assessment & Risk mitigation optimization; Making good use of credit bureau, internal customer data and 3rd party alternative data sources

● CRM/CX analysis, mainly micro-segmentation analysis based on customer product/service usage and payment behaviors

● We are spearheading the self-service analytics movement in Turkey with a local Alteryx Users group of 385 members, analytics trainings and mentorships.

● Altdata is an integrator partner for California based Alteryx Inc.

● We are providing all the analytics capabilities in a single software, onpremise or Cloud. Competing with world wide known SAS