The Rise of Big Data

Democratization of data will continue. Data in the financial markets — especially when it comes to decision support— has often been captive to proprietary platforms or withheld completely from the diverse eco-system of financial market participants.

The biggest trend will be the acceleration of the transition to NoSQL and graph databases for uncovering and exploiting subtle but vital relationships in unstructured big data. This concept of making connections within disparate data sets will be key to discovering new insights.

There will be a shift toward analytics platforms that make datasets smarter. It’s time that finance specific applications are developed and adopted in order to more effectively gain insights into these data feeds, allowing investors to become more informed and make better investments.
We believe we’re in the golden age of creating and harnessing new data sources for investment related decision making.
Whether that be for systematic trading purposes or for individuals to react upon — new data sources are forever changing how and why we trade. We will see increased traction and exponential growth in online advice and discretionary wealth management tools such as robo-advisors. People will increasingly embrace wealth management solutions like robo-advisors and companies will leverage technology to make the process even easier and more convenient. The move from big data to meaningful data. Everyone now has a lot of data, big data. This makes it really hard to find anything. What is needed is unique data that provides movement signals in a name, sector or market. To be able to see trends, patterns and linkages among all of them. This will diminish risk exposure and provide upside opportunities.Big data and statistical analysis will be big trends, Portfolio managers need to make trading decisions based on data and trends.

A New Market with Picture Based Psychometric Tests

The natural cycle of most organisations is from innovation and opportunism, via growth, to protection, atrophy, crisis and, ultimately, either extinction or transformation. The measure of a truly competitive organisation is the extent to which it can break this cycle; the extent to which, regardless of size, it remains entrepreneurial.

Pyschometrics tests are designed to help businesses identify, understand and retain people with the ability to drive business innovation.

Profiling non-bank and non-insured millions will increase the Financial Inclusion penetration and will enable dynamic pricing in Insurance Industry.

We expect fintech developments to trend toward data-driven technologies, you could leverage big data and AI to improve your own business or your life in general:

If you want to stay competitive as data growth continues to skyrocket, you’re going to have to do much more to get the maximum value from the customer data you’re collecting. And to do it, you’re going to need artificial intelligence.