Fintech for all: KiraPlus and Kredico Attended to Fincluders Bootcamp 2017!

Fintech industry is growing with fintech startups leading the charge with significant innovations. The Fincluders Programme focuses on the financial inclusion of small businesses and retail customers by supporting the startups which have the ability to do it.

The Fincluders Startup Competitions were held in Berlin and Amman by EFSE which supports micro and small enterprises in Southeast Europe and SANAD which supports the growth of micro, small and medium enterprise sector in the Middle East and North Africa.

After the successes of Fincluders Startup Competitions, the EFSE and SANAD, through their Technical Assistance Facilities, have invited 12 promising fintech startups to the Fincluders Bootcamp 2017 to focus on inclusive financial services in target countries. 2 of them are Technolera initiatives; Kredico and Kiraplus!

Kiraplus is a digital platform that allows renters to seamlessly pay their rent, security deposit, and other fees in installments thus building strong credit score faster than they would have otherwise. Kredico is an online lending platform, which enables individual borrowers and small businesses to access loans by using borrowers’ social network data in addition to their payment history for assessment of their creditworthiness.

Between October 23rd and November 3rd, Kiraplus and Kredico had the opportunity to learn from other startups and mentors, set their strategies, learn how to become established market players, meet business partners and investors and focus on investability & scalability.

We wish success to Kiraplus and Kredico in their ongoing adventures using the benefits of Fincluders Bootcamp!

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